To rent a park or pavilion for a special event.

Family, Church, School, or Business........

* Contact the Parks and Recreation Office: 580-581-3400- Brochure and detailed information on Pavilions in the parks can be obtained from the Parks and Recreation office at 1405 SW 11th.

* An assembly permit will be required and must be submitted 30 days prior to useage for a reservation. Fees for certain parks and pavilions are required.You may obtain an assembly permit at the Owens Multi-purpose Center at 1405 SW 11 Street in the Parks and Recreation Administration office.

* Parks and Pavilions: The rental fee per day per pavilion is $25 for the following locations: Elmer Thomas Park (East or West), Mattie Beal, 35th Division, Mocine, Harmon, Geroge M. Lee, and the Bridge park. A refundable key deposit for pavilions per rental, per day is $20. Please make a separate check out for the deposit and pay all fees by check. ************Your payment is required the day you submit your assembly permit for use of the park, pavilions or other services requested.

* Holiday House pavilion in Elmer Thomas Park is $25 per side or $40 for both sides. Checks for use of the Holiday House need to be written to Holiday in the Park.

* Festival site concrete pad (120'x60') in the east portion of Elmer Thomas Park is $50, the Gazebo is $25, and the Garden (Wooded) Pavilion is $25. * Sound permit for$25 signed off by the Parks and Recreation Director and the Police Chief is required if applification is being used in the park.



The Lake Helen Stage in Elmer Thomas Park with a grass amphitheater area of approximately 3 acres of land with a 125 foot stage with Lake Helen as the backdrop is available by contract for concerts, festivals, dances and dramas.