Neighborhood Services
212 SW 9th St
Lawton, OK 73501


How do I file a complaint?
     To file a complaint fill out the complaint form on this website, or you can call 581-3467 or email Teri Bayones at
Where can I find the code listing for complaints?
     The code listing for complaints are found at Code Definitions.
Why doesn't the inspector give a ticket?
     The inspector will first go to the area of the complaint and if the complaint is valid then they will issue a warning to the owner to remedy the complaint. If the owner does not remedy the issue within 10 to 15 days depending on the type of complaint then the inspector will issue a ticket.

Who are the inspectors for Neighborhood Services?

Lanny Wallace
Manny Cruz
Roy Rainwater
Stephen Sellman
Darrin Hall

What is the procedure for my complaint?
     Once a complaint is received and inspected to determine if a violation exists, the inspector obtains the legal description and the property owner's name and address. The City will then notify the property owner by mail, as well as post the property in violation. (Please note that the property owner of record at the county courthouse is legally responsible for the maintenance of the property. State statute requires the City to notify the owner on record at the courthouse, and at the address noted at the courthouse.)
    Neighborhood Services will re-inspect the property 10 calendar days from the date of the letter. If abated, the file is closed. If the property is still in violation, a work order for abatement by the contractor is prepared. The property owner is billed for the contracted amount of the work plus administrative fees, and a notice-of-intent ti file a lien is filed at the courthouse. If the bill is not paid after 30 days, a lien is placed on the property.
When is the inspector going to act on my complaint?
     Usually within 1 to 2 days of the complaint an inspector will check out the complaint.

What is Neighborhood Services?
     Neighborhood Services works with the people of Lawton to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. We help maintain or improve the quality of our community in the following ways:

1. We enforce laws and codes targeted to solve specific problems in Lawton including:

      Rubbish and nuisances
      Wrecked, dismantled or inoperative vehicles on private property
      Violation of land use conditions
      Substandard or dangerous buildings
      Noxious vegetation and tall grass and weeds

2. We work with residents, neighborhoods associations, public service agencies, and Other City of Lawton departments to:

      Facilitate voluntary compliance with City laws and codes
      Empower neighborhoods to participate in keeping problem areas cleaned up
      Develop ways to solve recurring problems and nuisances, involving representatives from all affected groups
      Establish community priorities for cleanup projects

What tools does the city use?
     If an ordinance or regulation is being violated, a code compliance officer will Issue a Notice of Violation. The Notice of Violation may be issued to the property Owners or the tenants/occupants, or to both.
     The Notice of Violation will describe the regulation that is being violated and the Corrective Action that needs to be taken. If the Corrective Action is completed by the date given, there will be no fines or penalties.
     If the Corrective Action is not completed, the person(s) to whom the Notice of Violation is directed may have charges filed for this violation in Municipal Court. Costs, fines, and other penalties may be assessed at this time.
     An Abatement Order requiring the work be completed by a specific date may be issued. If the work still isn't done, the City can take action against the violator.
     The City may also proceed by filing for Civil Relief in Superior Court.
     Penalties will typically be increased for repeat violators.
     If costs, penalties and costs of abatement are not paid, they can be collected in a variety of ways, including a Lien against the property.

How can I use the system?
If you are seeking relief from conditions on a property in your community, there are a number of options available to you:
     1. Make contact with the responsible person. Describe your perception of the problem. Discuss how the problem affects you and possible solutions.
     2. Attend your Neighborhood Association meetings, get involved with solving the problems.
     3. File a complaint with the City of Lawton Neighborhood Services Department. A Code Compliance Officer will be assigned to investigate the allegations.
Not sure we can address your concerns?
Contact us and we will put you in touch with the correct department to handle your complaint. Neighborhood Services, (580)581-3467

Did you know?
The following are violations if visible from a street, alley, or public or other private property:
     Junk, trash, litter, boxes, discarded lumber or salvage materials
     Cars that are inoperable (unless stored or parked lawfully and fenced in connection with the business of a licensed dismantler or licensed vehicle dealer)
     Vehicle parts that are discarded or left in a state of partial construction or repair
     Broken or discarded furniture, household equipment or furnishings
     Dead, decayed, disease or otherwise hazardous trees or vegetation
     Grass or weeds that is more than 12 inches high
     Graffiti on a building, fence or other structure
     Articles of personal property that are discarded or left in a state or partial construction or repair
     Utility trailers or un-mounted camper tops in the front yard (unless in the driveway)
     Campers or trailers parked on a public right-of-way
     Vehicles parked in the yard