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Code Definitions for Possible Neighborhood Violations

Type of Code
Definition of Code
D & D: Dangerous & Dilapidated Any building or structure which is dangerous to the public health or safety because of damage, decay or other condition
H2O: Standing Water All wells, pools, cisterns, bodies or containers of water in which mosquitoes breed or are likely to breed, or which are so constructed, formed, conditioned or situated as to endanger the public safety; No person who is the owner or agent of any lot shall allow water to stand upon the lot so that the same becomes a nuisance.
ISMV: Improper Storage of Motorized Vehicle One motor vehicle not in operable condition may be stored in the front yard, as defined by the Zoning Code, provided that the vehicle is stored on an area that is on or adjacent to the driveway and that said vehicle is covered by a manufactured car cover designed for that class of motor vehicle and is in a verifiable process of being repaired and has all tires attached to said vehicle as if it were in operable condition. The cover shall be properly maintained in a satisfactory condition and shall be secured to the vehicle with proper tie downs.
ISNMV: Improper Storage of Non-Motorized Vehicle Non-motorized vehicles may be stored or parked in the rear yard. If there is no possible access to the rear yard the front yard, as defined in the Zoning Code, may be utilized for storage or parking purposes provided that the vehicle is parked or stored on an area that is on or adjacent to the driveway and shall be surfaced with all weather surface materials such as gravel, chat, rock, asphalt or concrete. This does not permit storage or parking of a non-motorized vehicle on, across or extend into any public right-of-way or permit the existence of a nuisance or any threat to the safety of the motoring public
JD: Junk and Debris  

JV: Junk Vehicle

"Junk vehicle" means any motor vehicle or non-motorized vehicle, which is without a properly affixed current license plate or registration or is wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, inoperative or abandoned.
LIC: License  
LL/DL: Low Limbs/Dead Limbs "Low hanging limb" means any limb, branch, twig, or tree foliage situated eight (8) feet or less above any sidewalk or fourteen (14) feet or less above any street, alley, public way or utility easement. Suspected low hanging limbs are herein defined are measured from a point on the low tree limb closest to the ground perpendicular to the sidewalk or public way immediately below.

"Dead tree limb" means any tree limb, branch or twig which is dead or in such an advanced state of disease that a reasonable question exists regarding the tree limb's ability to remain aloft and attached to the tree and which creates a safety hazard to persons or vehicles standing or passing beneath such limb.

OROW: Obstruction of Right of Way  
P: Permits  
SO: Sight Obstruction  
SWR: Open Sewer Every privy or water closet which shall be in an overflowing, leaking or filthy condition, or in a condition dangerous, injurious or annoying to the comfort, health and welfare of any resident of this city;
TG/W: Tall Grass/Weeds

"Weeds" includes but is not limited to poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac and all vegetation at any stage of maturity which:

a. Exceeds twelve (12) inches in height, except healthy trees, shrubs or produce for human consumption or are in a tended and cultivated garden unless such trees and shrubbery by their density or location constitute a detriment to the health, benefit and welfare of the public and community or a hazard to traffic or create a fire hazard to the property or otherwise interfere with the mowing of the weeds
UNSEC: Unsecured Structure  
Z: Zoning