The Training Division of the Lawton Fire Department is responsible for ensuring that the Department is prepared for an All Hazards Response to include but not limited to Fires, Hazardous Material Incidents, Structural Collapse, Trench Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Rope Rescue, Water Rescue, Airport Rescue and Firefighting, as well as all types of Medical Responses. 


In addition to the incident training, we provide driver training on how to drive and operate the pump apparatus.  We are also responsible for instructing the department’s officers and management team in Leadership and Officer Training. 


The Training Division delivers NIMS Training both internally to the department but also to other City Departments to ensure that the City of Lawton is NIMS compliant.  Our division also teaches the New Hire Academy, Driver Academy, and Officer Academy, and we create and implement the promotional testing process and maintains department training records. Our department is headed by Training Officer Jared Williams, Deputy Training Officer Terry Hansen, and Assistant Training Officer Landon Hardin.