City of Lawton Residents

Bulk Clean-up Schedule


Residents Set Out April 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th. 


Residents are asked to place bulk material out on the dates listed above.  Items must be no larger in size than can be handled by two men.  Items will be collected starting April 6th.


Only Residential areas will be serviced for bulk cleanup.


·        Couches, chairs, and household furniture will be collected etc.


·        NO appliances containing refrigerant will be collected.  Those items that have been evacuated of Freon will be collected if they are accompanied by a certificate of EVACUATION.  Those that still contain refrigerant can be transported (by the resident) to the landfill and will be evacuated by City of Lawton personnel at no cost to the resident.


·        NO hazardous waste: tires, automotive batteries, motor oil, antifreeze, liquid paint, medical waste, propane tanks, engine blocks, scrap vehicles, etc.  For more information on Hazardous Waste call 581-3413.


·        Yard Waste must be contained in bags or bundled if tree limbs. Unbundled  limbs will not be collected.


·        NO rock, dirt, bricks, rubble or concrete.


·        The new Grapple trucks will be collecting all of the bulk stops starting this cleanup and they require some room between the bulk item(s) and other objects. Please make sure all bulk items are away from mailboxes, vehicles, utilities,  ect.




Again, all  household trash must be in cans or bags, and placed at the curb to expedite the collection of such material.