Lawton Animal Shelter
2104 SW 6th St
Lawton, OK 73501

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Q.  How many animals (dogs or cats) may I have if I live inside the Lawton city limits?

    A.  Up to three animals over six months of age (adult) are allowed, per household.  Proper city licensing must be obtained for each adult animal.

Q.  Can my pet go whereever it chooses outside (run-at-large)?

      A.  No.  Dogs and cats must be (1) confined in a specific area, i.e. a fenced yard or house, or (2) under the physical control of a competent person at all times.  A dog must be on a leash at all times when off of the owners' premises.

Q.  May I chain my dog outside?

     A.  No.  Chaining, tying, tethering or fastening of a dog outside is not allowed.

Q.  Must I have a dog house?  My pet stays indoors most of the time.

    A.  Anytime a pet is outdoors it must be provided adequate shelter from the elements, i.e. rain, cold wind, direct hot sunlight etc.  A doghouse must be large enough, with a solid floor, for the pet to stand upright, turn around and/or lay down comfortably.  It must be afforded shaded area and have access to food and water (provided in a container that is spill proof).

Q.  Does the Lawton Animal Shelter have an adoption program?

     A.  Yes, it does.  Detailed information regarding adoption procedures can be found at Adoption Information.

Q.  May small animals, i.e. chickens, rabbits, ducks, etc. be kept inside the city limits?

    A.  In order to keep small animals inside the city limits, a small animal permit must be obtained.

Q.  What can I do about my neighbor's barking dog(s)?

    A.  Barking dogs are considered a nuisance, and as such can be abated.  The complainant must file a Citizens Complaint with the municipal court and the final determination of a nuisance and resulting directives are determined by the Municipal Judge.  Complaint forms are available at the Animal Shelter location and at the Lawton Police Department.

Q.  What can be done about too many birds around my property?  What do I do about the beehive and bees around my house?

    A.  The Animal Welfare Division is not properly equipped or trained to respond to excessive bird or bee/wasp complaints.  Proper referral sources/phone numbers will be provided to any complainant by our staff at the Animal Shelter.