Lawton Animal Shelter
2104 SW 6th St
Lawton, OK 73501


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Animals that have been made available for adoption have been examined by our kennel staff and have been found to be healthy at this time. Please understand that our facility has no veterinarian on staff and no medical history on this animal. We do not know what disease(s) it may have been exposed to, nor if it may be incubating a disease at this time. Although efforts have been made to prevent known diseases, there is no guarantee. For this reason, you as the new pet owner will be given seven (7) days to have the animal examined by a veterinarian. If the animal is found to be sick and you are not willing to take on the extra expense of the medical treatment, you may return the animal along with a statement from the veterinarian describing the medical problem, for a full refund of the adoption fees.

New pets should never be introduced to children or other pets without close adult supervision. Although the animal has been monitored by staff, for aggression, and compatibility, we have only had the opportunity to interact with the animal in a kennel environment. The City of Lawton, its officials, agents and employees are not responsible for any injuries or damages to any person or property caused by this animal once the animals has departed from this facility on the date of adoption.

The new owner will also have a seventy-two (72) hour, no questions asked time period. This is basically a getting acquainted time. Should you find the situation would not work out, simply return the animal in that time period for a complete refund of the adoption fees.

Please be advised that the paperwork you fill out at the time of the adoption is both a legal and binding contract. Should you have any questions about your obligations as stipulated in the contract or experience an unforeseen situation that will prevent you from meeting the requirements of the contract, you are instructed to contact the adoption office immediately for further instructions. Failure to do so will result in citations being filed against you in municipal court.

Adoption Fee Schedule (dog or cat)

Neuter/Spay Deposit - $35.00

*refunded upon completion of contract requirements

Vaccination Deposit $15.00

*refunded upon completion of contract requirements

Adoption Fee $15.00

License Fee $15.00

All fees are cash only. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and provide a picture ID at time of adoption.