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City of Lawton

Industrial Pretreatment Program
Local Limits

Local limits are wastewater limitations that apply to commercial and industrial facilities that discharge to a publicly owned treatment works (POTW). Local limits are developed to meet the pretreatment program objectives and site-specific needs of the local POTW and the receiving stream. Local limits control the pollutants in the wastewater discharges from commercial and industrial facilities and apply at the "end-of-pipe" from the facility. The regulations under 40 CFR 403.5(d) give the POTW the authority to enforce its local limits.

Parameter Surcharge Violation
pH   <6.0 or >9.0 su
BOD 750mg/L 993mg/L
TSS 500mg/L 777mg/L
FOG 200mg/L 400mg/L
Ammonia 25mg/L 32.13mg/L
Arsenic   0.11mg/L
Cadmium   0.01mg/L
Chromium   1.01mg/L
Copper   0.68mg/L
Lead   0.08mg/L
Mercury   <0.0002mg/L
Nickel   0.67mg/L
Selenium   0.07mg/L
Silver   0.20mg/L
Zinc   1.10mg/L
Cyanide   0.11mg/L
Phenol   75.0mg/L
Chloride   1046mg/L
DCBM   0.04mg/L
Molybdenum   0.98mg/L