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City of Lawton

Industrial Pretreatment Program
8104 SE 15th Street
Lawton, OK 73501

The City of Lawton developed an Industrial Pretreatment Program in 1981 in accordance with the Clean Water Act and the General Pretreatment Regulations for Existing and New Sources of Pollution (40 CFR 403). The Industrial Pretreatment Program, which is administered by the Public Works/Engineering Department, controls Significant Industrial Users' waste flows entering the Lawton Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Prevent the introduction of pollutants into the Publicly-Owned Treatment Works ( POTW) that will interfere with treatment operations and/or the use of disposal of the municipal sludge.

Prevent the introduction of pollutants into the POTW that will pass through the treatment works or be incompatible.

Improve the feasibility of recycling and reclaiming the municipal and industrial wastewaters and sludges.

Enforce applicable EPA Categorical Pretreatment Standards.

Reduce the health and environmental risk or pollution caused by discharges to POTWs.





City of Lawton New City Hall is located at 212 SW 9th St,  Lawton, OK  73501
Phone: 580-581-3500