Wastewater Collection/Maintenance
2100 S 6th St
Lawton, OK 73501

Wastewater Collection Division
The Wastewater Collection Division is responsible for maintaining the wastewater collection system (approximately 400 miles) to include five (5) wastewater lift stations in Lawton and four (4) at area lakes. This division constructs, repairs, replaces and performs preventative maintenance to the wastewater collection system. Services are available on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.

Wastewater Maintenance Division
The Wastewater Maintenance Division is supplemented by a charge on utility bills based on water consumption in excess of 8,000 gallons and less than 13,000 gallons per month. The Wastewater Maintenance Program includes a system-wide cleaning of the wastewater collection system on a basin-by-basin basis in an attempt to eliminate unauthorized discharges resulting from temporary blockages such as grease and roots. The cleaning and maintenance program utilizes standard cleaning equipment such as Vactor flush truck units, water jets, root cutters, easement rodders, etc. This division is also working with the TV Unit to inspect problem lines and getting reports to the Assistant Director of Sewer Rehab & Collections for scheduling pipe replacement.