Volunteering at the Library


Are you interested in volunteering for the library? Call the Reference Department at 580.581.3450 ext. 4. At any time we may or may not have openings for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for the Library, check the descriptions of volunteer positions listed below.

After we receive your application, we will call you to set up an appointment for an interview. If there are no positions currently open which match you skills or interests, we will also notify you by phone.


Adult Volunteer Policy

Adult Volunteer Application


Volunteer Position Description - will be filled out by library staff

Volunteer Time Sheet


Individuals are also encouraged to volunteer via the Friends of the Lawton Public Library and the Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society.


Teen Volunteers

The Teen Summer Reading Program volunteer program runs from June through August. Applications for 2016 will be accepted starting April 15, 2016. Any teens who volunteer during the year must have already gone through orientation and have volunteered in the summer.

2016 Summer Reading Program Teen Volunteer Application


Volunteer Tasks

Stack Organizer

If you love making order out of chaos and have the patience to do the same things over and over each day, you will enjoy being a stack organizer.

The organizers will straighten the books and other materials on the shelves as needed. In addition they will remain vigilant in order to keep the library tidy and free of debris.


Shelf Reader

Do you enjoy detail work? Do you have a good knowledge of numbers? Are you patient? Are you a library user?

The characteristics mentioned above are those necessary to become a shelf reader at the Lawton Public Library. A shelf reader is a person who is assigned to check the materials shelves in certain sections of the Library to make sure that everything is in its proper place. This is a very important job because if items are misplaced, patrons will be unable to find materials which are supposed to be on the shelves. Careful "reading" of the call numbers and knowledge of numerical sequence are required to make sure that the items are arranged correctly by the Dewey Decimal system.

Maintenance Assistant

The responsibilities of the Library Maintenance team are varied. Included are
dusting bookshelves, cleaning windows, raking leaves and removing hedge trimmings,
careful vacuuming of sites, watering plants, collecting trash and recycling,
cleaning outside the Main Library, and a variety of other duties.


Computer Techs

If you are an expert at navigating computers, you could provide a great service to the Library and other patrons. If you have media skills to share, we could use you!

These volunteers will be available to assist patrons using the Internet or Microsoft Word. If possible, they might also help with instructional classes in setting up an email account, writing resumes, using an e-reader, or surfing the web.
Patience and good speaking skills are required. Teaching experience is a plus.

Book Cleaner

As anyone who uses any library can tell you, book covers become soiled after a relatively short time. Cleaning the covers is an ongoing task which requires careful attention and regularity for someone who works carefully.

Cleaning the books is a very satisfying activity. It allows the volunteer to work on his or her own at a chosen pace and to explore the books as they are wiped clean. Though the cleaning is rather simple, it is also important and time consuming. It is a job which is never finished but must be continued to maintain the appearance each book.










































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