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OK Connect

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The Lawton Public Library has a 55-inch Cisco TelePresence System with 1080p high-definition (HD) resolution in the library’s board room thanks to the OK Connect project through the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. In addition the Library now has 100 M internet speed.





How can I use the videoconferencing equipment?

You can video call anyone who has H .323 access.
You can receive video calls for anyone who has H .323 access.
You can create high definition video recordings.
You can use the videoconferencing equipment as a large projector with laptop or video access.


What is H .323 video protocol?


What is the advantage to making video recordings with the Cisco unit?

The video recordings are high-definition; recordings are easily assessible to others; video can be password protected


Who can I call?

You can call or receive calls from anyone in the world who has the technology. There are 36 video conferencing units in libraries across Oklahoma.


How can I call Lawton’s video conferencing unit?

Lawton’s “phone number”:


How can I access Lawton Public Library videos?


How many locations can be on a call? 

Up to 40 units/location can be connected at one time (depending on internet connectivity).  If more than two units are connected at once, you need a bridge.


How can I access a bridge to have multiple units?

The Lawton Public Library has access to a video thanks to the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.  It is recommended that you schedule these type of meetings ahead of time.


Can I schedule a meeting?

Yes, talk to a library employee about details.


Where is the equipment located in the library and how big is the room?

The equipment is located in the board room (next to the computer lab). The board room hold 15 people comfortably.






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Branch Library • 1304 NW Kingswood Road • Lawton, OK 73505 • 580.581.3457