3D Printing

Ditto with Owl

The 3-D printer is here and objects are being made! We are still learning so please be patient with us!

Read the 3D Printer Policy.


Why does the library have a 3-D printer?

Besides being awesomely fun? Libraries across the United States are getting 3-D printers as part of a push to become "maker spaces" in our communities. Libraries are incubators of ideas? Absolutely! We are not your fuddy-duddy library!


What kind of 3-D printer does the library have?

The Friends of the Library purchased a 3-D Ditto Pro from Tinkerine.


What are the 3-D printer policies and procedures?

Right now there aren't any policies or procedures. We are going with the flow. As we learn about the machine, its capabilities, etc. we will develop policies and procedures.


Who gets to use the printer?

Right now, our expectation is that staff will assist with printing. As individuals get trained in how to use the machine, they will be allowed to use it on their own. Right now we want to make sure library staff know how to use the machine.


Is there a cost involved?

The plan is to eventually charge for printing based on the weight of the finished object.


What software do I need to print with Ditto Pro?

If you are looking to create your very own object, you will need to do so through a 3D modeling software such as SketchUp, SolidWorks, or Autodesk Maya; otherwise, you can simply download models made by the community from free online databases. Once you have a 3D model, simply download and use the free software, Tinkerine Suite, or use the Tinkerine software at the library to get started!


What is an easy way to get started with my own project?

Find a free 3D plan from a website like www.thingiverse.com. Download the .stl file. Download the Tinkerine Suite software (Windows or Mac) www.tinkerine.com/tinkerine-suite. Import the .stl file, make sure the object fits the machine, slice the object, and save as a .g file. Load onto your SD card and bring it to the library!


Can I build a gun at the library?

Probably not. Staff have the right to veto certain print requests.


What is the biggest object I can print?

Have you ever made a banner out of several sheets of copier paper? Technically you can make the object as big as you want by designing it in several pieces.


What kind of material does the 3-D printer use?

This model uses polylactide (PLA) filament. The PLA bioplastic is made from natural corn starch, making it environmentally friendly.


What colors of filament are available?

Black, Grey, Clear, Plum, Soda, Matcha, Honey, Pomegranate, Tangerine, Lavender, Clear Sky, Spring Shoots, Sunrise, Sunset, Cherry Blossom


Why isn't the 3-D printer hooked up to a computer?

The manufacturer has figured out that when printing objects, the printer doesn't like to be interupted. Computers have a reputation of just starting updates on their own. Even travel sticks/thumb drives/flash drives can cause problems. The 3-D printer uses a SD (Secure Digital) card which is a nonvolatile memory card. Translated, this means less chances for problems printing!


Can library staff help design projects?

Disclaimer: none of us are architects or engineers. We will help you to the best of our abilities but we don't know much about design software.


How do I find something to print?

There are several free plans available online. Here is just one to try: www.thingiverse.com


Can I print a copy of my hand?

We don't have a 3-D scanner so it would be kind of hard to print a copy of your hand. If you want to donate a 3-D scanner, we would love to have one!


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